Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seaside Wedding

It's official, we've been one-upped!  C.O. proposed to me on the beaches of Brevig Mission, which I've always thought was pretty special, pretty unique, a good story and all that.  Well . . .  last weekend one of my coworkers was married on the beach.  Our seaside romantic proposal just can't beat that.  =)

Lauren recently moved to Brevig in August from Colorado to be our 1st grade teacher.  She wasn't here long when her husband to be, Chris joined her.  I enjoy Lauren's company, she's a no nonsense, down to earth sort of gal.  It was this practical approach to life that naturally flowed over into her and Chris's wedding plans.  Their intent was to be married, in short order, without all the drama.  And drama-less (but fantastic) it was.  The ceremony started at noon-ish, a mile or so out of town and concluded with a cupcake reception at their apartment.  Short, sweet and absolutely perfect.

There are some unique marriage laws in Alaska.  Anyone can perform a marriage ceremony as long as they first obtain permission from an Alaskan court.  Anyone, isn't that interesting?   Lauren and Chris decided to ask one of our coworkers, John, to officiate at the ceremony.  They asked, Steve and Angie, also coworkers, to stand up for them.  Keep in mind, all these folks only met in August.  Talk about becoming fast friends.

The wedding party.

The guests.
 The get away vehicle.

Congratulations and best wishes to the Votrubas as they begin their new life together.
~The Rudstroms

More lovely photos from the wedding can be found here and here.

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