Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Boat

Here is a nice shot of our "new" boat.  It is not really new, just newly in the water.  I built the boat a few years ago and we used it a few times.  It was unfortunately damaged (under 10,000 lbs of snow) and it took me a couple of years to find the time to fix/modify it.

The boat is just over 21' long and has a 90 hp Honda outboard.  The boat is built from plywood and fiberglass.  The front of the boat opens up with a ramp so that you can drive an ATV into the boat.  The ramp also makes it easier to load and unload other heavy gear.

We will use the boat for hauling things back and forth to the nearby village of Teller and for occasional camping or hunting trips.


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Anonymous said...

So Happy it is finally back in the water. Know how much work/time you put in to "it". Also know how useful it will be to the family.