Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pickled Pike

My Scandinavian heritage shines through pretty strongly when it comes to being a fan of pickled fish. This is a project that I've been hoping to do for years now. My mom gave me Great-Uncle Walter's pickling recipe quite some time ago. This week I was inspired to test it out.

Our friends went camping and fishing last weekend. They gave us a couple of the northern pike they caught, these were the smallest ones of the batch if you can believe it. Around here it is not uncommon to get pike that are 40 - 50 inches in length.

Step one was to soaked the meat in salt water for 48 hours,
then rinse and soak in vinegar for 24 hours.

Beautiful whole spices were boiled together in sugar and more vinegar.

Additional flavors for the jar.

Now it's time to let the brine do it's work.
The fish will sit in the refrigerator for at least a week before we dig in.

Pickled fish is one of those "acquired tastes" and is only appreciated by a selective few. How one is chosen to be a lover of this delicacy, I do not know. I hope to share it with a few folks around town to see what they think. I will also be bringing a bunch to Minnesota. Let me know if you're interested in some, I'd be happy to share!

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Anonymous said...

They look yummy!!! We made a batch but I don't know if Tony didn't slice them thin enough or what but we couldn't get past the idea that they were once slimey northerns!!