Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion & Sense

Clothing is art for your body . . . that's what I've decided. Everyday, when I get dressed I have the opportunity to put together something beautiful. Half the time I'm lazy and just throw on whatever, but I've been trying to put more thought into my outfits. It's fun and challenging to find new ways to style pieces I already have in my wardrobe. I, of course, also enjoy shopping and finding new clothing treasures.

I bought this adorable trench coat recently and have been itching to wear it for a couple months. We finally had a few days of springtime weather about a week or so ago. Since then, winter has returned in full force with loads of snow and wind. But for a few days I was able to enjoy some decent temperatures. The three days of spring gave me a chance to sport my trench coat but along with warmer air came melting snow. Puddles started to form and the snow was getting rotten. Rotten snow banks are like half melted, but still appear solid so when you try to walk on them you fall in ankle deep, thigh high, you just never know. All that to say, I just can't ditch the big rubber boots no matter how stylish I wish to be. So, they just have to go together up here, style and common sense.

In my endeavor to beef up the fashion in my life, I've been taking inspiration from a few blogs by some pretty awesome ladies. They're beautiful, they're fashionable and thrifty too.

Erin at Calivintage

Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky (she happens to be a fellow Alaskan)

Oh, there's more I follow but I especially enjoy hearing and seeing these girls' take on life and fashion.

Though I don't think I can quite hang with the big girls yet, I had fun taking my first fashion photos.



James and Charity said...

Very cute. Oh, is that the right word in fashionista world? Looks like fun! Maybe you should host a few pointer posts for those of us who can't figure out how long to wear our skirts this season...or, if we should be wearing skirts this season.


Nancy M. said...

I like it!

Erika said...

You pull off that look great, Ann Marie!

The Rudstroms said...

My fashion experts say, "wear what you're comfortable in and makes you feel good." Pooh, pooh on the current trends. You can rock your skirts any way you want my dear Charity. =D


James and Charity said...

Oh...I like "pooh pooh on the current trends"... Thanks for the permission! :D