Friday, April 30, 2010

Farewell to LORAN

Not too long ago, I wrote a bit about the Coast Guard LORAN station located about 15 miles south of Brevig. The Coast Guard has decided to discontinue LORAN as a navigational aide. This means the end of our military neighbors. The skyline view from our window will never be the same. On clear, dark nights, we could see the lights of Port Clarence and most predominantly, the lights of the radio tower. It was the largest in Alaska, standing a quarter mile high.

The following is the video that was made of the tower coming down. There's six different angles, the middle one is the coolest, I think, when the top of the tower lands near the camera. If you like watching things blow up, you will probably enjoy this video.

Seeing this makes me a little sad. In the matter of seconds, the end of an era has come. There will be no going back.


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