Friday, March 6, 2009

Extreme Potty Training

Oh the joy! It's that time in the journey to adulthood and independence for our son. It's time to get potty trained. Why kids fight it, I don't know. The alternative to going in the toilet doesn't sound nice to me at all. Yet, they seem to prefer it. Old habits die hard I suppose.

There are all sorts of ways to get your kid potty trained, but this is the method we thought made the most sense. No prizes, no coaxing, no sweet talking just, "Good morning Harold. Starting today you are a big boy that goes in the toilet." (This was step 1) We cut him off from diapers cold turkey (except at night, he just turned two a couple months ago and isn't quite ready for night time yet. He doesn't need them for naps which is a nice start).

Step 2: Block off the carpeted areas of the house, take out all the rugs and things you don't want to get soiled.

Step 3: Strip the child.

Step 4: For 3 days Harold had limited access to the house and we watched him very closely. Every so often we'd put him on the toilet to get used to the idea that this is where you go each and every time.

The problem with wearing diapers while a child is being potty trained is that they don't feel it when they go. Diapers work too well. The kid needs to feel and see the results of their actions. That's why the stripping method works well.

Step 5: Once Harold was doing pretty well in the buff, he graduated to wearing big boy underwear. Ahhhh what a comfort to have something on the tushie once again. And dang they are cute! Love seeing that little butt running around with real underwear.

Step 6: Finally Harold was able to wear his full attire once again.

The most important thing about this extreme potty training is that you have to be committed and not try to continue your busy life as normal. You have to block a few days off of your calendar and focus on your child. It's hard to stop running errands, going for visits & cleaning, but it's worth it in the long run.

We're a month into it now. And how is it going?

O.K., can't complain. Harold has come a long way

We don't have too many accidents but I'm not sure who's trained, Harold or us. We can read the signs and keep track of how long it was since the last potty break. Harold, however, has yet to ASK to use the bathroom. That's our next big goal. Just ask us little boy and we will assist you. I'm sure the asking part is just around the corner, Harold's smart, not particularly defiant and has a great start in diaper freedom.



Nancy M. said...

I need to start potty training soon. This method sounds a lot faster than my last son who took a year and a half. Hopefully, I will do better this time.

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