Monday, March 16, 2009

Mystery Photo Answer

The answer to last weeks mystery photo is a sewing machine. The photo was a closeup of AnnMaries 1950's vintage Bonis "Never Stop" Fur Machine.

AnnMarie does a lot of skin or fur sewing, making parkas, hats, and slippers. In the past she did all of the work by hand. It is a slow and tiring processes. This winter I bought this machine for her. It has greatly sped up her work.

It is a very interesting machine. When you take the cover off the top it is full of cams, gears, and wheels all moving in different directions. The machine is made for commercial or industrial use and it's robust construction shows it. It has little oil cups on top that need filling periodically from an oil can and a large continuous duty motor. The motor is connected to the machine by a foot operated clutch and a small rubber V belt. Watch the video and check it out.


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