Sunday, March 1, 2009

Harold's Parka

Harold finally has his own parka.
I purposely made it a bit big so he
could wear it next winter too.

I made the body from my great-aunt's old mink
coat. And the ruff from a wolf hide.

It looks precious on him, but he hasn't really
taken to it yet. He goes limp and cries when
we try put it on. Once it's on, however, he's fine.

He broke it in today with a snow machine
trip across the ice to Teller.

He doesn't quite have the process down for
taking the parka on and off. It's more difficult
than it at first seems. C.O. and I remember the
claustrophobic feeling we had the first time we tried
putting our parkas on. It certainly takes some
getting used to. As people in Brevig say,
"He'll learn."


Anonymous said...

AnnMarie - he's the cutest little nugget! I love the blue color you chose - so vibrant! You're an excellent seamstress - I could use a few lessons when you're back home sometime! :) Stay warm! ~Abby :)

Harmony said...

He looks adorable in it!! Good job :)

Nancy M. said...

He looks so cute in it!