Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Little Traveler

We are so fortunate that Harold is such a wonderful traveler considering the amount we are on the go. He is great about sleeping whenever and where ever he gets a chance, being woke up at odd times and being crowded in tiny spaces with all three of us in two airplane seats (never again now that he's two, he gets his own seat, which means an entire row for the Rudstroms. Yeah for comfort, boo for having to purchase a third ticket).

Anyway . . . one of Harold's great talents is being able to fall asleep anywhere when it's time for a nap. In the photos below, the airport was relatively quiet and empty but he's also slept in the middle of crowds with announcements blaring next to him over the loud speaker. Our routine is to tell Harold it's nap time, give him his whale, lay him down where there's room, then pound on his back till he's asleep. Pounding sounds harsh, but it relaxes him and he even requests it on occasion.

People say it's hard traveling with kids. Fortunately, it's not the case with Harold. He actually (for the most part) makes it more fun.


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Harmony said...

Awww!! Maggie's usually pretty cooperative too - I hope she stays that way like Harold has!