Sunday, January 25, 2009


The evolution of automotive styling is an interesting study. Many features that are added to race cars for performance reasons trickle down to passenger cars. Unfortunately their original use seems to be forgotten.

Race cars normally have a large diameter exhaust pipes to allow the engine to breath easily. When this feature is done on passenger cars it is frequently only the very end of the exhaust pipe that is enlarged. This makes the car look "cool" but does not add any actual performance.

A rear wing or spoiler is another commonly copied item that is seen on the race track and on many street cars. On the race track it serves the very important purpose of keeping the back end of the car on the ground. At high speed most automotive body shapes produce lift similar to an airplane wing, without the "spoiler" on the back end the vehicle would lose traction and spin out.

I wonder if the driver of this limo is worried about high speed handling?

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