Friday, August 15, 2008

Mystery Picture of the Day ?

Who are the guys in the dark suits?
We'd like to know your guess.


Aaron J. Brown said...

Looks like Secret Service. Was Cheney in town? I don't think any other big shooters were up there. Or are they private security for Alaska's most famous celebrity ... uh, what was his name?


PS: Thanks for calling into the show yesterday. Could you sense my desperation?

Rudstroms said...

The photo was not actually taken in Alaska, it is from our summer vacation.

Rudstroms said...

But dang your close Aaron.

James and Charity said...

I can't figure out what's going on in this picture. Do you give hints?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Suomi Secret Service?

Brother John

Rudstroms said...

John has it figured out.
The two guys in the dark suits are Finnish Secret Service protecting Tarja Halonen the Finnish president. I took the photo at Fin Fest in Duluth MN this past summer.