Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camping Trip

This weekend we took Harold on his first ever camping trip. The weather has been so beautiful in Brevig so we thought we had better take advantage of it. We left late on Saturday and drove about 2 hours down the coast east of Brevig along Grantly Harbor. Our new 4-wheeler did great on difficult terrain. We had quite a few creeks to cross and rocks to drive over.

There's some pretty spectacular shore line along Grantly Harbor.

We chose a spot that was nice and flat to set up camp. Harold had a great time along the water's edge throwing rocks and sticks.

Not everything was pleasant, however, the mosquitoes were awful! We wished for wind to blow them away. It did pick up and made the tent very noisy to sleep in. When the night started, it was actually quite warm in the tent. It was very chilly by the time we woke up though. But despite these minor hardships, we had a great time and woke up to a beautiful morning.


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James and Charity said...

Makes me want to go camping!