Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Bags Are Packed

We left Brevig Mission a week ago already and have been busy, busy, busy ever since. This is a photo of our container van jam packed with all our worldly possessions. Next month the barge will pick it up and take it to the town of Seward. From there it will be trucked up to our new home. It's the bush version of a U-Haul I suppose.

The bottom layer is full of C.O.'s shop supplies, outboard motors, little snowmachines, a dirt bike, a generator and things of that nature. The top layer contains our household items including a few pieces of furniture. I am thankful we had the container as an option for shipping. It would have been a pain to try ship all those things through the US Postal System.

We have spent the last week on the Kenai Peninsula getting life in order in our new location. I hope to share it with you soon!


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Anita said...

Thank goodness for the storage facilities. Looking forward to seeing how you are all settling in the Kenai. Hoping you're spending some time out fishing!