Thursday, February 2, 2012

When It's Forty Below

Did you know that propane doesn't vaporize at temperatures less than -40*F? This means there's not enough pressure for the gas to burn. We found this out the hard way last night in the middle of dinner and a baking project.


But C.O. solved the problem and we're back in business.


Anita said...

When you leave that -40 you won't know what to do with yourselves! Your hubby will have to find all kinds of new projects to keep himself busy.

Niedziela said...

Fuel oil also gels at temps less than -40which means most people's monitors stop working... thankfully my hubby and our landlord thought of that and put our fuel filter inside the house... voila! Heat without issue (well other than the power Isn't it great that we have such resourceful husbands? :)

Anonymous said...

you can leave it outside and pour water over the tank. The tank will stay at 32 F, encased in ice.
Glad your family is "complete"