Friday, November 11, 2011

Without Water

I woke up this morning to discover that the water from the tap was coming out as a mere trickle. Oh boy, was it just our house or the entire village? I walked Harold up to the babysitter's before work when I discovered it was everyone and that school was canceled for the day. I was thankful to have the time to put the house back together after all this storming and flooding business but I would much rather have running water than a day off.


First thing I did was have Harold and the neighbor boy shovel some snow into tubs for me to bring in the house. Melting snow is really not the most efficient way to get water but I was looking for a quick solution. Some people regularly collect rain water or have a large garbage bin with pond water at their house on a daily basis but we prefer the stuff that so conveniently comes from the tap. That left us high and dry, literally, in the water department.


The snow worked fine for little jobs like making oatmeal.
Step one: fill a small pot with snow, bring to a boil.


Half way through the day, the Crocketts offered to bring down some water for me. It was immediately put to use since the toilet was in serious need of a flush. Sorry it that's a bit too much information but water is mostly used for getting rid of ick. Ick in the bathroom, ick on our dishes, ick on our bodies and right now I'm feeling pretty ick to be honest.


Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, paper towels and disinfecting wipes were very, very useful today.


C.O. picked a few of these up during his shopping run in Nome today. Oh ya, my husband finally made it home after missing out on this, this and now this. He really did feel bad about not being here. He made it up to me by bringing home Subway subs so I didn't have to cook dinner and make more dishes that would then have to be washed . . . with water . . . hot water.

These are C.O.'s bags to prove that he is actually home.

It was a great sense of relief to have him pull up outside the house on the ATV. Unfortunately, he was home for all of two minutes before he took off to see if he could help the water and sewer crew work on this problem. His engineering background, mechanic experiences and all around problem solving skills will be of great help I'm sure. He came home quickly for dinner and was right back at it. I think it is going to be a long night for all those guys.

People are getting a little worried around town. Will it get fixed? If so, how long will it take? Will we spend the winter without running water? Geesh, I hope not. I sure love showers and flushing my toilet.

It wasn't so long ago, 9 years to be exact, that people in Brevig Mission lived without running water. In fact, a few people on the beach still do without. So, we'd all survive, we'd all manage but once you have this luxury we call running water, it's really hard to go back.



Amy said...

Yeah, I am so glad you all are alright. The media had me so worried about everyone, but it turned out to not be that bad, but then again it is bad when you lose your water.
I, even picked up our local paper on Wed. called the Peninsula Clarion and an article about the weather had a good old quote from AnnMarie Rudstrom stating, "It's pretty ominous looking and the waves are getting bigger." and explained of your plans to move to higher grounds. I bet you did not know you were famous or did you???
Hope you have some water by now and I look forward to staying in touch through our blogs.
Visit anytime, we would LOVE to have you.

Anonymous said...

So happy C.O. is home. The problem solver that he is will help with the villages water situation.

The luxury of running water is great. I grew without it. We didn't have it till I was in my teens. We had an outhouse. we carried our water in milk cans from the neighbors or the "RIV". PTA bathes were the norm. Heated the water in a large tub on the wood stove or the small range we had. There were 8 of us & we made it. Starting school in HIB, 7th grade, was great, got to have a shower twice a week at gym class. So yes running water is a luxury. I really miss it when it is not available. We surely need it for everything.

Take care thinking of all of you in Brevig.