Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preparing for the "Arctic Hurricane"

When I found out this storm was coming, C.O. was already on his way to Elim to work for a few days. If only I had known how bad it was going to be I would have insisted he stay home. C.O. is wishing he was here, not that he's worried, but we wish he was here to experience the excitement with all of us. 

We live about 300 feet from the ocean on a beach rock spit of land between the Bering Sea and the Brevig lagoon. Usually, I adore living on the beach for reasons such as this. But the last couple days have been a different story. I set about preparing to evacuate the house in case the flooding was as bad as they predicted, while C.O. started calling in favors from some friends of ours.

A few guys came down to the beach to pull our boat up onto higher ground and move all the broken machines that were waiting for Rudstrom Repair to, well, repair them.

I then made a list. Lists clear my head and help me stay calm.


Notice the milk and cookies? Very, very important in emergencies.


Some food to bring up to Amy's house. Amy lives at the top of the lagoon and was kind enough to let us stay with her.


A day or two's worth of clothing and necessities, one such necessity being a craft project.


I also brought some important paperwork to my office at school. The blue folder holds our adoption paperwork which represents two years of work and many thousands of dollars. And one of the manilla envelopes holds Harold's citizenship certificate that is pretty much irreplaceable.


In phase one, Liz and I put everything on counters, shelves and beds so nothing was left on the floor.


After the water had risen a few more feet, phase two began. More people were enlisted to help put more of our stuff in tubs and haul them to a storage area near the school.


This morning I was feeling pretty confident that the worst was behind us. However, the water has been rising all day and is expected to crest this evening. Thus, the second phase of moving stuff out.
Will it all be as bad as predicted? I doubt it but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I can see the beach from my classroom window now. I watch as the water rises, say a few prayers and wait.


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Thanks for update. You seem to gave a good handle on things.