Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cooking in Bush Alaska


Our friend Angie, also a transplant to Brevig Mission, started a blog recently about cooking in Bush Alaska, hence the name Cooking in Bush Alaska. I was pretty excited when she asked me to contribute to her project. 

What makes this cooking blog different from the millions of cooking blogs out there is our remote location. The byline is "creatively avoiding food boredom in a land far away from full-service grocery stores and fresh ingredients."

So often when I'm cooking or baking I don't quite have the right ingredients, so I have to make do with whatever I have in the kitchen. Though not recommended, a common substitution technique for me is to find something that's at least the same color as what I'm supposed to be using. Sometimes successful, sometimes disastrous. That's the kind of stuff that will give this cooking blog some heart and soul.

Cooking in Bush Alaska could be useful for those of us living in the bush but also for anyone living in a rural location who doesn't have the convenience of a grocery store nearby.

We talk a bit about making the best without every ingredient in a recipe, appropriate or sometimes crazy substitutions, using locally harvested food and the various ways we get our groceries.

Take a look when you get a chance. I've already tried two of the recipes Angie has posted and loved them! She's pretty talented in the kitchen and with her camera. The photo and food pictured above are her handy work. See what I mean? Pretty talented huh?

Stop by, I think you'll enjoy it and happy cooking!


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Cheryl said...

I will often substitute different ingredients also and I only live 10 miles from the store. substituting sour milk for sour cream does not work.