Friday, August 19, 2011

Guatemala the Return: Part 2

I hopping in and out of current and past experiences in blog land here, it makes me feel like a fancy best selling author or something. Anyway, we spent the first two weeks of our Guatemala trip in Antigua studying Spanish. The final week we spent aboard, "Las Sirenas", a 40 foot catamaran sailboat.

"Las Sirenas" from the land
On deck of "Las Sirenas"

We cruised for a couple days on the Rio Dulce River followed by some time on the Belize Barrier Reef and Islands. Along the reef was where Harold and I first experienced snorkeling, C.O. having previous experience on a family trip to Hawaii. It took a little while to get Harold to warm up to the whole experience, but once he figured out what to do we could hardly drag him out of the water.




Our time aboard the boat wasn't perfect, we were a bit sea sick, terribly hot, at one point I had an allergic reaction to conch and C.O. accidentally touched a fish that made it feel like shards of glass were stuck in his hand. But we survived and lived to tell of another adventure. 



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Nancy M. said...

So beautiful there! Sorry y'all had a few bad things happen. I would've gotten seasick too. I usually take bonine when we go on cruises.