Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fishing Trip

Last weekend Harold and I went fishing.  Our friend Kenny and his son Ernie came with us.  We took our boat "up river" to Imuruk Basin and into the Agiapuk river.

It is about a 40 mile trip and takes two hours.  Along the way we took a break and threw rocks in the water.

We saw some friends leaving there cabin so we stopped to visit with them for a little while.

The best place to find the pike is in the shallow areas of the river delta away from the main channel.  Kenny and I actually had to get out of the boat and pull it through a narrow channel by hand.

Once we made it through the narrow part we drifted with the current and fished in the shallow water.  When we found the fish the action was very fast and exciting.  The pike grow to enormous size and are very aggressive.  With all four of us fishing I never seemed to have time to take any photos.

Ernie took a nap on the way home.

We had a lot of fishing action, but had a hard time getting them all in the boat.  Next time we need to get stronger line and a landing net.  In the end we came home with four pike that measured 24" to 30"


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