Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Year of Blogging

December 11th marked our one year blogiversary, I guess they call it. We started our blog one year ago as a way to share what is happening in our lives with our loved ones far and wide. Sharing our stories every few days gives a far better picture of our lives than say a yearly Christmas letter.

People have often told me I should journal about our adventures and life up north. I’ve tried and failed miserably. I hate journaling. What good is a journal? No one appreciates it until you’re dead and it’s found in your boxes of junk. Even then, who knows if someone would care to read it. Blogging on the other hand motivates me. I am able to share what we are doing with the world and anyone is free to read about it, right now, and make comments. So, I guess it’s our on-line journal with the interactive aspect thrown in.

Starting our own blog has led to following other bloggers. So, on this one year anniversary of blogging I’d like to share some of the blogs that have made an impact on me throughout the past year.

Aaron Brown’s blog keeps me in touch with National and Iron Range politics. He keeps it interesting with his goofy commentaries and his one of a kind sense of humor.

Friends like Erin and Bill remind me of how beautiful and enjoyable it is to be in Northern Minnesota.

Gia’s blog keeps me humble as I am reminded that some people’s lives are SOOOO much cooler than mine.

Christina Brown, The Northern Cheapskate,
continually finds ways to save money and challenges me to save on our day to day expenses.

Charity teaches me that eating healthy can be oh so delicious and interesting.

These are just a few. I enjoy hearing about numerous other friends, their families and their day to day lives through their blog posts.

I raise my glass to the blogging community that has help keep me in touch and informed this year. May we continue strong through the following year and years to come.


Christina said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love reading your blog... Your Alaska life encourages me to be more adventuresome and creative!

Hope we can see you over Christmas break!

Erin said...

We love keeping up with you guys via the blog. So, thank YOU for starting it up and updating regularly.

Safe travels this holiday season. We'll be around, though I know how crazy time gets... probably more so now w/ a little one in tow. At any rate, feel free to call if you find a moment of boredom.

Nancy M. said...

Happy Blogiversary! I do love reading about your life in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy you blogging also!
Sonja and Family

Anonymous said...

Hi AnnMarie & CO! My cousin Bob Black sent me an email letting me know that you had stopped by my Uncle Charlie's on Christmas Day, and that you had this blog that I should check out. What a great way to keep in touch with family. Kyle and I have been doing our best to keep in touch with Minnesota since our move to Idaho this past September. Have a Happy 2009! Lisa (Holland) Dosch

Rudstroms said...

Hi Lisa,
We were glad to see your comment here and hope you continue to check in with us. We just got some photos in the mail from your Mom with Big Hal and Lil' Hal together. They turned out great! It was nice getting to see everyone briefly. Hope you're enjoying Idaho.