Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Lilacs

 I was a little disappointed this spring when our lilac bush out back barely bloomed. It got a few blossoms here and there but it was all in all pretty sad compared to the Minnesota lilac bushes I'm used to seeing. Since it was our first spring here I wasn't sure what to expect but I thought maybe this was just another plant not really cut out for cool Alaskan weather.

About a week ago, I noticed that the lilac tree had a few blossoms on it. What a sweet, unexpected surprise! Now it's blooming like crazy and oddly enough fall colors are in full swing as well. I like this photo because it shows a lilac bloom with the brown and yellow leaves on the very same tree. It's unusual but I'll take it as one last sweet reminder of warm weather before winter sets in.

I ran across a recipe for lilac scones over at Kitchen Vignettes recently. Though all the blooms hadn't opened fully, C.O. and I decided to harvest a cup full of lilacs to try out this recipe. Since it had frosted the night before we were nervous the flowers wouldn't last another day. Turns out we were wrong. It's three days later and the lilac bush looks prettier than ever. 

I'm curious what will happen next year with my seasonally confused lilac bush.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful presentation and they sound so good.

srhcb said...

The lilac scones look beautiful, but I have an aversion to eating flowers that goes way back.

Around 1970 I visited some friends in California. They were renting a house in Van Nuys with gorgeous flower gardens.

We'd begin every day sitting out front with cigarettes and coffee amidst a host (?) of beautiful blue iris. They looked good enough to eat!

So ... one morning we picked bowls of tender looking pedals, added some milk and sugar, and sat to a picturesque and fragrant breakfast.

They were awful tasting! Bitter and cloying at the same time. I haven't eaten flowers since.

Shopnerkotha said...

I get some smile from here. Thanks for nice presentation.

Anita said...

Oh, but I miss my 2 story high lilac "bush"! I made fireweed jelly and honey, but never heard of using lilacs for food stuffs. Looks beautiful!