Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Big Trophy Winner

Harold was able to compete in his first official motor sports event in February. Freddie's Roadhouse in Ninilchik hosts snowmachine drag races most Saturdays throughout the winter.

There were only two racers in the 250 cc and under class. The other racer's machine was bigger and the kid was older but Harold still pulled off the win.

Harold is very, very proud of his trophy. He shows it off whenever he can. It has traveled to school for show and tell and he made sure to draw his Sunday School teacher a detailed picture of it. 

Hopefully there will be more opportunities for him to race in the years to come. Circle track races would be more fun but so far there hasn't been any around here. Maybe next winter C.O. and Harold will round up a few other kids and start their own races. 

Harold even made it in the local paper.

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