Monday, December 10, 2012

Officially Tizita Rita

Last week C.O. and I had a court appointment to re-adopt Tizita in the United States. While her adoption was final because of the ruling from the Ethiopian courts, having an offical birth certificate housed in the state of Alaska will make it much more convenient for future business.

Since we had a lawyer and were updating her birth certificate, we also had Tizita's middle name changed. She was given the middle name Charles in Ethiopia after they found out C.O. would be the father. But after all this goes through she will officially be Tizita Rita. This will sound a lot better when she is called to walk across the stage at graudation. Don't you think?

Thankfully this whole adoption process is coming to an end but we still aren't quite done. We need to get a social security number assigned to Tizita and there will be one more offical post adoption report completed by a social worker submitted before we are free and clear. It's a long road but it doesn't seem so bad now that Tizita Rita is home.



Meredith Beck said...

What a doll! Tizita Rita is an adorable name. Was Tizita her Ethiopian first name?

srhcb said...

I think Charles was a nice middle name for a little girl? Then again, how many people actually know that's CO's name?bleviwh

Super Angie said...


The Rudstroms said...

Yes, that's right Meredith. Tizita was the name given to her at the police station where she was found. Officer Tizita named her after herself. =)

I guess Charles for a middle name wouldn't be the end of the world Steve. =) It was funny, in Brevig, once the guys found out C.O. was a Charles, that's what they called him. I thought it was pretty cute.


My Abstract heART said...

Woohoo! Love the name! Miss you all, hope you are well