Monday, February 7, 2011

Man of the Year

C.O. will be traveling to Juneau today to be recognized at the state level for all the hard work and effort he puts into maintaining the Head Start facilities in our area. He will be attending the Alaska Head Start Association's 2011 Statewide Conference to accept the Maintenance Person of the Year Award.

We are so proud.

Here's what the award winner brochure says about C.O.

"Charles "C.O." Rudstrom has been our maintenance go to guy for over 5 years. He lives in the community of Brevig Mission. He fills our oil tank so that the building will be heated. He ensures that pathways are clear of snow so that children and their families can enter and leave the building. Not only does he do maintenance in Brevig but he is willing to travel to our sites. This past fall he boated across to Teller to fix the previous winter's frozen sewer pipes that caused quite a mess under the building. In the winter time if there are problems he snow machines across the bay. In emergencies he will travel (2 plane rides) to our other sites which include Gambell, Elim and Shishmaref that need maintenance work done. Not only does he do site maintenance work he does work by telephone. If he is unable to leave Brevig he will get on the phone with whoever is calling and he walks his way through the issue (to at least maintain it until he can get out there).

C.O, has taken the time to get to know each and every one of our buildings. He calls around to companies to find the best deals on materials. He also takes old materials and fixes them for future use as back up pieces. No task is ever turned down from fixing children's furniture to leaky toilets to broken sewer pipes to figuring out why buildings are consuming SO much energy. He always has a smile on his face and welcomes anyone and everyone."

C.O. blogs about his various jobs and projects here


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Anonymous said...

So Proud, but we all know how great he is at what ever he tackles.