Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Helmet

Since we started posting a bit about Harold and his little snow machine, we've been nuluked (scolded) by a few concerned folks that he isn't wearing a helmet. Not being ones to ignore good advice, we did get him a properly fitted helmet. It matches his machine and coat and everything.

--The Safety Conscious Rudstroms


Eluciq said...

yikes...hope my comment didn't sound like a scolding...just a wondering...hope i didn't offend you in is just my mama concerns. remember i have two the same age...i like them to wear a helmet when they play together...ha...just kidding.

glad his helmet fun for him...looks like a bumble bee! :)

The Rudstroms said...

Oh no, not offended at all. I mean "scolded" in the nicest possible way. And there were other comments on facebook as well. It really IS a good idea so, we got one. I'm glad you said something. =)

Nancy M. said...

It's cute! I still haven't got one for my son yet! I am a very bad mommy!