Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Dague's Visit

Our friends Marlys and Dwight Dague from Minnesota decided they would like to make Brevig a stop on their Alaskan vacation this fall. We were of course very excited to have them and show them around our lovely spot on the planet.

Unfortunately, the weather was pretty awful, rain, cold, fog, rain, cold, fog. In fact, their stay was extended by one day since the planes were not flying due to the conditions mentioned above.

Some people just look like they belong living on the Alaskan frontier.
Don't they look like naturals?

Despite the weather, they came out riding and exploring each day with us. We were able to show them the sand spit near Teller where the seals play, Sunset Creek and the old gold mine buildings that remain there. We also did the basic tour around the village to see the school, church, post office, clinic etc.

Harold and Dwight chatting and walking near the
gold mine at Sunset Creek, about 8 miles outside of Brevig.

We hope they'll come again very soon.

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Nancy M. said...

I'm sure they still had a great visit! It's so beautiful, I would love to visit there sometime!