Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family Circus

The Liebling Family Circus 
Friday & Saturday in Chisholm.
Show starts at 7:00 p.m. 
 Elephant rides at 6:00 p.m.

For real?  In Chisholm? We took advantage of the opportunity to see some local entertainment and what turned out to be the cutest little circus.  The Lieblings take their show and their entire family on the road as they travel from town to town across America .  All I could think was, "What a unique way to grow up!"  

The show was truly a family affair.  The father was the ringmaster, the mother was their school teacher by day and sold cotton candy and toys to circus goers at night. The three eldest children were regular performers, while the two year old toddled around the center ring in child sized clown shoes.  The little guy was tolerated pretty well by his siblings throughout the show, they just kind of did their thing around him.  Meanwhile, the baby watched it all from the "pack and play" on the edge of the circus ring.  This was a bunch of kids who grew up living and breathing the circus and show biz.  I guess that's why performing for the public came so naturally to them.

This was a pretty talented group of kids.  They were able to juggle, hula hoop, do trapeze stunts & some comic clowning routines.  The Lieblings even had a few animals besides the elephant to add to the show; six ponies, a monkey, a boa constrictor and a lime green chicken.   They had a little bit of everything.

Harold and I enjoyed an elephant ride before the show.  

The best dollar we spent all summer was to feed the elephant.

We experienced everything the circus had to offer.  
We even paid the extra buck to see the lime green chicken.

A clown in training Age 2 &
his brother, the expert fire juggler.  Age 10

Harold's first close encounter with a boa constrictor and a monkey.



Nancy M. said...

Looks like fun! I still remember riding an elephant when I was a little girl.

Dave Michael said...

Great story Ann. I bet that was quite a experience for Harold.

I have fond memories of when I was about 10 and a circus came to town. I got up and rode my bike to where they were, and they actually gave me a job helping set up the big top. My pay was tickets to all the side shows, and they let me pet a 28' python.